Broken Joint

Cracked Pipe

What to do in the case of a broken pipe.

A burst water pipe can cause serious damage to your home and your property. Even just a leaking pipe can cause your water usage to increase dramatically and with the water restrictions that are currently in place across South East Queensland you could even receive a fine.

Apart from the obvious damage that water can cause in your home. Slow leaks in your yard can damage footings and attract termites.

If you do notice a leak:

1. Make sure all the fixtures (baths,sinks etc) in and outside your house are turned off. Pay attention to each fixture (toilets) too see if it there are any leaks or drips.

2. Locate your water meter.

- Your council water meter/stop tap is located generally just outside the front boundary inline with your front hose tap.

3. Open the water meter box. Check to see if the meter dials are turning. If they are, it's most probably a leak within your property.

- If it is your supply, check any irrigation valves which may have turned on accidentally. Check for damp areas or pooling water.

- If the leak is severe, turn the water off at the main and contact a professional plumber immediately.

4. If your meter is not showing any water use, contact your neighbours regarding their water and advise them to check their water meters as well.

5. If no leaks are located, contact your local council or a qualified plumber to perform a water audit.